Vikings Go Berzerk

Vikings Go Berzerk is the sequel to Yggdrasil Gaming’s Vikings Go Wild. It’s a 5 reel, 4 row slot, with 25 pay lines, that captures the Viking feel with a distinct look and sound. Play Vikings Go Berzerk with BetVictor and guide your Vikings across the seas, fight monsters, and fill them with berserker rage as you seize gold and treasure.

How to Play

Looking for your essential Vikings Go Berzerk guide? If you’ve played Yggdrasil Gaming’s Vikings Go Wild slot, then you’ll know what you’re doing with sequel Vikings Go Berzerk. The game builds on the gameplay of the original but adds some distinctive features.

As you send the 5 reels spinning, you’re looking to make at least four-of-a-kind combinations across adjacent reels to win. You’ll also see treasure chests that award you Free Spins, multipliers, wilds, and sticky wilds. And of course, there’s the Vikings going berserk that adds a whole new twist to the game.

Game Rules

What do you get when you take a Viking and make them into even more of a Viking? No, not a super Viking! You get Berserkers, the elite Viking warriors who stormed into battle without any armour, needing only their axes and their rage. And fitting with the elite berserker theme, Vikings Go Berzerk is a more developed slot that keeps the feel of Vikings Go Wild but builds on several features.

In addition to the base game of symbol combinations and treasure chests, Vikings Go Berzerk online slots adds unique Berzerk Free Spins and Ragnarök Free Spins features. Each of the four Vikings on the panel beneath the longboat has a Rage meter. This builds up each time one of the Vikings features in a win. And when the Rage meter maxes out, the warrior enters Berserker mode and unlocks a Free Spin feature where you can win up to 21 Free Spins.

If you can get all four Vikings to go Berzerk, you call down the Ragnarök Free Spin feature, where you can earn even more Free Spins with all four Vikings becoming wild symbols.

Vikings Go Berzerk is a beautiful slot that delivers on the Viking feel. After a dramatic and atmospheric intro sequence, you’ll see the five reels surrounded by a gorgeous dragon-style Viking longship, flanked by equally gorgeous sirens. Below that you’ll see your four Viking warriors and their rage meters. The traditional sounding music rounds the experience out, adding to the feel without getting in the way of the action.

One of our favourite visual aspects of the game is the symbols. All the symbols you’ll see are custom made and they give the slot a distinctive feel. The four low pay symbols are coins of different metals, the 4 high pay symbols are the Viking warriors, as is the Free Spin, and you have treasure chest for free coins and cash prizes.

If you’re in the mood for some marauding, Viking style, we can recommend you grab your axe and spiky helmet, jump into your longboat, and give the Vikings Go Berzerk slot games a spin.

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