Trolls Bridge

What is a troll to you? A neon haired plastic toy? Someone not very nice on the internet? Or something which lives under bridges and shouts at you if you trip-trap over that bridge? Well, these are the other kind of trolls. Trolls Bridge online slots is a colourful and exciting world in which to meet these characters and play a super fun slot game with lots of great features and chances to win. Makers Yggdrasil have created a delightful world, not dissimilar to World of Warcraft, and delivered a top-notch visual experience to enhance a thrilling modern casino game you’ll love.

How to Play

Trolls Bridge is a casino slot game featuring 5 reels with 3 rows and 20 paylines. You can view the paylines layout on the game’s paytable. To win you just need to have matching consecutive symbols starting from the left along one of the paylines.

The minimum stake is 0.20, while the maximum is 250. Unless you have the ‘Golden Bet’ button checked. (See ‘Golden Bet’ details below.)

What you win will be a multiple of your stake based upon the value of the symbols you have matched on a payline.

In the game you play with ‘coins’. When you play you select a coin value between 0.1 and 10. You can see on screen how much this is in real money, based on your stake.

Game Rules

Golden Bet

If you choose to activate this, the ‘Golden Bet’ feature adds an extra 5 coins to your bet in return for extra feature picks when you go into the ‘Free Spins’ mode.

Free Spins

Free spins mode activates when you land 3 or more scattered free spin symbols anywhere on the game board. These come with extra features.

Once you’ve entered the free spin mode, you will get to pick from a set of 18 cards. These determine which features you will get to play with. These stay on for the rest of your free spin run.

How many cards (representing features) you get to pick is based on how many free spin symbols you landed to start the free spin mode.

  • 3 Free Spin Symbols = 6 spins, 3 card picks
  • 4 Free Spin Symbols = 8 spins, 4 card picks
  • 5 Free Spin Symbols = 10 spins, 5 card picks

Potential Free Spin mode Features include:

  • More free spins
  • Random Wilds
  • Sticky Wilds
  • Stacked Symbols
  • Transforming Wilds
  • Multipliers

Bonus Pot

This feature is only available in the base game, not in the Free Spin mode.

If you land the ‘Bonus Pot’ symbol on the 5th reel at any time, this feature is triggered and you get a random prize. These include:

  • 40-1000 coins
  • 6 Free Spins, 3 Feature Picks
  • 8 Free Spins, 4 Feature Picks
  • 10 Free Spins, 5 Feature Picks

Winning any of the Free Spins prizes enters you into the Free Spins mode (see above).

Bonus Stone

This appears at random in the game. It triggers a multiplier which is worth between 2x and 5x your coin value.

Symbols & Themes

As mentioned, the theme is a fantasy troll world and of course the symbols fit in with this world, with a few traditional slot game symbols included too.

  • Card Suits – Low Value
  • Troll Characters – Higher Value (Red is the highest)
  • Other symbols
    • “Wild” – There are 4 different types (regular, random, sticky and troll wild)
    • “Free Spins” – Free Spins
    • Bonus Pot – Random Prize
    • Bonus Stone – Multiplier

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