Tiki Fruits

Do you ever dream of lounging on a tropical Pacific island as the local gods shower you with fruit and riches? Us too. But you don’t have to dream any longer, as Tiki Fruits can make your Pacific island fruit fantasies a reality. At last. Tiki Fruits, brought to you by Red Tiger, is a bright and colourful Polynesian-themed cluster style slot game played on a grid of 8 reels and 10 rows. It features cluster chain reactions, Free Spins, high volatility, and piles and piles of juicy fruit raining down from the sky. Read our Tiki Fruits guide, then play Tiki Fruits online slots with BetVictor’s Casino.

How to Play

You can play Tiki Fruits with BetVictor’s online Casino. Start the game, then begin by choosing your stake for each spin with the button in the bottom left corner – you can choose from 20p to £40 per spin. Then get your 8 reels rolling by hitting the big golden button in the bottom right hand corner.

The aim of Tiki Fruits is to get clusters of 5 or more identical fruit symbols next to each other in vertical lines, horizontal lines, or a mix of the two. Each cluster gives you a win, depending on the value of the fruit symbol.

Game Rules

The base game of Tiki Fruits sees you landing clusters of 5 or more matching fruit symbols on your reels. This is just the tip of the pineapple when it comes to the gameplay though, with a host of extra features expanding on the play, including:

Fruit Bars:
As you land clusters of fruit, bars for lower-value fruits are filled up on the right hand side of the screen. When the bars are full, that symbol is removed from the spins, leaving more room for higher value symbols that offer you greater winnings.

Chain Reactor:
To help you along, when you get a winning cluster, the fruit falls from your reels and new symbols take their place, possibly giving you more winning clusters. This means, if your luck is in, you can get cascading winning clusters one after another, without you even spinning your reels.

Totem Activator:
On any spin, the totem gods can awaken and remove symbols from your reels at random, causing others to drop down to take their place, giving you another chance for free to land winning clusters.

Tiki Spins:
Our favourite feature of all. When bonus coconut cocktail symbols land anywhere on your reels, they fill up the Bonus Bar. When it fills all the way, you’re awarded a random number of Free Spins!

Symbols & Themes

Tiki Fruits is a bright, brash, visual treat of a game. The reels are filled with 10 different fruit symbols, all a different colour, as well as lucky 7s, dice, coconut shell cocktails, and more. The background is a beautiful Pacific island beach with totem gods and burning tiki torches. Add to all of this a jaunty, uplifting soundtrack and you’ve got a game that’s as visually appealing as it is fun to play.

If Tiki Fruits sounds like your slice of paradise, then give the Polynesian gods a visit and play Tiki Fruits slot games now with BetVictor’s Casino.

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