Thunderstruck II

The sky gets dark. The wind is getting stronger. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning appears out of nowhere. The Norse Gods are going to battle – and it’s all captured on this superb online slot game! Slot machine veterans may remember the original Thunderstruck game, a video slot that appeared in casinos in 2004, so they may be excited to learn that a sequel made it to the online slot world back in 2010. And if you loved the Thor and Avengers movies, this cracking virtual slot game is going to send a bolt of lightning up your spine! Thunderstruck II brings the tales of the Norse Gods to your screen, with a Hollywood-worthy five-reel slot game that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere on computers, smartphones and tablets. You’ll find the likes of Loki, the Valkyries, Odin and of course Thor, all ready to do battle (and help you win some big money in the process!). With such an action-packed theme, it’s not surprising to see that the graphics and soundtrack behind Thunderstruck II are pretty epic.

Exploring the Thunderstruck II Slot Game

Of course, the graphics and themes are worthy of a place in Valhalla, with a decidedly Nordic theme to the reels and playing area. The symbols that need to be matched up also include images of a Viking longship, Gods Loki, Thor, Odin and the Valkyries, as well the standard 9 to Ace card symbols.

You’ll also see the Thunderstruck II logo, which acts as the wild, as well as Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer which is the scatter symbol.

If you’ve never played this game before or are new to slots, then it’s definitely worth checking the rules and paytables before you start – not only will you be able to see how the game works in more detail, but you’ll also see which symbol combinations you need to look out for.

Accessing Thunderstruck II is also super-easy. With availability on both iOS and Android, as well as PC and Mac, you can enjoy this brilliant online slot game in bed, on the sofa, in the bath, on the way to work, on your break or anywhere else that has an internet connection!

How to Play Thunderstruck II

Getting started with Thunderstruck II is pretty easy – just add funds and press spin – but deciding on your stake is a key decision that needs to be made before getting stuck in.

Experienced slot players may already have a slot game strategy that works for them. Whether it’s betting the maximum amount possible to try and get a lucky strike before the funds run out, or playing low amounts and enjoying gameplay that lasts a bit longer, you’ll need to decide how much to wager on each spin. Just select the coin value using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Alongside this, you’ll also need to decide how many paylines to activate. Having more paylines in play means you’ll increase the number of ways you can win, but also means that your stake is multiplied by the number chosen. You’ll need to decide here if it’s worth going for less paylines and a higher base stake, or a lower base stake and more paylines – play with the amounts to see what works for your play style.

After you’ve selected your stake, it’s time to get the reels turning. You’ll pick up smaller wins with the card symbols and bigger wins with the picture symbols, but the best symbol is the image of Thor – which pays out 16.67 times your stake if you get five in a row across an active payline.

The wild symbol (Thunderstruck II logo) fills in for any other symbol (apart from Thor’s hammer), potentially completing a winning combo, so watch out for where it falls – it may just get you a big coin payout.

Thor’s hammer is also a great symbol to have on the reels. It’ll double your win if you get one on the reels next to a win, or if you get five hammers in a row you can enjoy 33.3 times your stake back in your funds.

Thunderstruck II Slot Game Features

Thunderstruck II is great fun even if you’re linking up symbols on the reels, but the biggest wins can result from unlocking the bonus games.


Triggering randomly at any time, the Wildstorm feature takes over all five reels and turns them wild – resulting in a potential 1,000x return on your stake!

Great Hall of Spins

This feature is where Thor’s hammer symbols become very important. Get three, four of five on the reels and one of four bonus games unlocks, along with up to 200 times your stake paid out straight away.


The Valkyrie feature awards 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier, with the potential for more free spins to be triggered. It is unlocked if you get into the Great Hall around five times.


Loki’s bonus awards 15 free spins and adds additional wilds to the reels. The Loki round opens after the Great Hall round is opened five times.


Odin adds 20 free spins and sends his ravens into play. If they land, then symbols become 2x and 3x multipliers, boosting potential wins significantly. Odin’s round becomes available after the Great Hall feature is accessed ten times.


Thor’s bonus game is the best out of all of them and pays out 25 free spins, along with the chance to add 3x, 4x and 5x multipliers. Get to this stage and you can expect to see some serious coin payouts.

Thunderstruck II Verdict

Despite being a little older than other slot games that are currently popular with all types of player, Thunderstruck II has a certain draw, thanks to the brilliant theming, high-quality design and fun gameplay.

Pro slot gamers will enjoy the fact that up to 8,100 times the original stake could be returned, along with loads of free spins and multipliers that aren’t that hard to access – providing plenty of value for money even on max bets.

There’s also the great random Wildstorm feature to look out for and the excellent Great Hall of Spins bonus feature which makes this online slot game worth playing again and again.

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