Three Wheel Roulette

Roulette is an absolute casino staple and is surprisingly easy to play. By picking from a range of variables, players can increase their initial bet if they win, making this unique and exciting game a big hit both in the real world and online. Here’s our guide to mastering one of the more interesting variants, three-wheel roulette.

How to Play

If you’ve never played three-wheel roulette before, you’ll soon discover that it’s not too dissimilar to the traditional game. You’ll still need to place your bets, and a ball will spin around the wheel before coming to a rest, but there’s one very important factor which makes everything that little bit more exciting – an extra two wheels.

The aim of the game is to bet on where a ball, which is placed into the moving wheel before coming dropping into one of the compartments as the wheel slows down, will eventually end up. Players can select from a number of factors, including whether the compartment will be black, red, or a zero, whether the number will be odd or even, whether the number will be high or low, or they can even bet on which exact number the ball will land on.

Before the ball is dropped onto the wheels, players can place their bets on the board at the side of the wheel. Just lay the chips you want to wager on the section(s) you think the ball will land on, and you’re good to go.

Betting Types

There are two different types of bets you can make while playing roulette: inside betting and outside betting. Whether you’re playing European roulette or three-wheel, these betting types will always be the same. Players can place a bet while the wheel is still in motion, unless the dealer calls out ‘no more bets’.

Inside Bets

An inside bet involves betting on numbers on the layout – the board next to the wheel. As well as placing directly on the numbers themselves, you can also place chips across multiple numbers and in the corners / edges against both numbers and other sections. Naturally, spreading your chips across more than one option will decrease the odds over placing your chips outright on a single number (known as a straight bet), but the odds are still better than going for an outside bet. Remember that with three wheels roulette, three chips will be placed each time.

Straight Bet on a single number 35/1 2.63%
Split Bet on two numbers 17/1 5.26%
Street Bet on a row of three numbers 11/1 7.89%
Corner Bet on 4 numbers that form a square 8/1 10.53%
Five Line Bet on 5 numbers 6/1 13.16%
Line Bet on 2 gathering streets 5/1 15.79%

Outside bets

Outside bets involve betting on the sections of the board that cover multiple number. You’ve got more chance of an outside bet happening in most cases, but the pay-out you’ll get will be lower. For example, betting on red or black or odd or even will pay out at 1:1, so you’ll get your wager back plus the equivalent amount. Betting on dozens or columns however pays out at 2:1, so you’ll make more chips, at the risk of betting on 1/3rd of the numbers available.

Column Bet on all 12 numbers in the left/middle/right section 2/1 31.58%
Dozen Bet on 12 numbers in 3 consecutive rows 2/1 31.58%
Bet on Low/High Bet on numbers 1 – 18 or 19 – 36 1/1 47.37%
Bet on Colour Bet on all red or black numbers 1/1 47.37%
Odd or Even Bet on all odd or even numbers 1/1 47.37%

 Now that you’ve got the basics of the three-wheel roulette, it’s time to lay down some chips!

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