The Twisted Circus

Step right up, step right up ladies and gentlemen to the Twisted Circus, dare you see what wonders it holds? Be warned, you won’t find lion tamers, jolly clowns, or performing elephants dressed in tutus here, it’s not that kind of show. The Twisted Circus offers you something a little… darker. The Twisted Circus is a unique freak-show themed slot brought to you by Microgaming. It’s a 5 reel, 3 row slot that offers you 243 pay lines, wilds, scatters, and Free Spins. So, pull back the curtain and step into dark depths of The Twisted Circus. Read The Twisted Circus guide right here then play The Twisted Circus online slots with BetVictor’s Casino.

How to Play

Play The Twisted Circus online with BetVictor. Start the game and you’re greeted with a view of 5 reels in a circus tent setting. First, select how much you want to bet on each spin by clicking on the Bet box at the bottom of the screen, then hit the red spin button to send your reels whirling.

Your aim in The Twisted Circus is to get matching symbols across at least 3 adjacent reels, beginning with reel 1. The more symbols you get in a row, from 3 to 5, and the higher the value of the symbols, the more you’ll win.

Game Rules

The Twisted Circus may look more than a little different to other slots, but it offers you the classic slot gameplay you’re looking for. Rows of at least three matching symbols will pay out, with the Strongman, Snake Lady, and Fire Eater symbols giving the best returns.

In addition to this, you’ve got a wild Twisted Circus logo symbol that can substitute for all other symbols, helping you get winning rows, or longer winning rows. Wild symbols in a winning line also triple your bet.

If 2 of more Golden Ticket scatter symbols land on your reels, in any position, you’re rewarded with extra winnings, Free Spins, and multipliers on your stake, depending on how many scatters you land.

If 3 of more Circus Master bonus scatter symbols land on your reels, in any position, you unlock a bonus game. You’ll be whisked away to a hidden corner of the circus tent where you’ll be offered a grid of 16 star symbols. You turn the symbols over, one by one, to reveal Siamese Twin, Strongman, Snake Lady, and Fire Eater symbols.

If you get 3 symbols that match, you win a bonus depending on the symbol, with the Siamese Twin giving you the least, and the Fire Eater the most.

Symbols & Themes

The Twisted Circus offers you something a little different. The theme is circus, but firmly of the freak show kind. The setting is a dark and creepy circus tent, whilst the low music and muted sound effects add to that atmosphere nicely.

The best aspect of this game’s design are the symbols, which are all distinctive and a little peculiar. You’ll see a Dancing Monkey, Siamese Twin, Bearded Lady, Strongman, Snake Lady, Fire Eater and more.

Enter The Twisted Circus and see the mysteries inside, if you dare. Play The Twisted Circus slot games now with BetVictor’s Casino.

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