The Shadow Order

The Shadow Order online slot is a perfect game for people who love mystery and thrillers as well as big wins! The game is based around the story of a secret society. Think Dan Brown, Illuminati etc. but with some magic mixed in too. It is a really high class experience from beginning to end from the slick graphics and murky colour palette through to the great stakes and fun bonus features. Plus it is just complicated enough to keep puzzle enthusiasts particularly enthralled.

How to Play

Shadow Order is a 5 reels, 5 rows cluster pay engine slot game.

Stakes are from 0.10 to 100, with a potential jackpot of 3000!

The basic gameplay is familiar to most as you just need to select your stake and hit spin to get going.

One unique feature of the base game is the cascading symbols which arrive after you have made a winning combination. The winning symbols drop out and new ones drop in. This will continue until you have no more winning combinations.

If you get a long enough run of cascades, you activate the orbs! Orbs sit at the top of the screen and drop in as your cascade run continues. They act as Wilds and also, if they land in marked ‘Hot Zones’, activate their own features. (See below.)

There are Wild symbols in the game, which stand in for standard symbols in the game to help you make winning combinations and also pay out 5, 50 or 300 times your stake.

Game Rules


Orbs are activated as you build up runs of cascading symbols. When they land in a ‘Hot Zone’ their own feature is activated:

  • Orb of Preservation – Highest symbols on the board are held in place, activating a new set of cascades.
  • Orb of Creation – 3 to 6 Wilds appear at random on the board
  • Orb of Destruction – removes all the lower value symbols on the board and starts a new cascade

Character Features

Shadow Order features several story characters. As you play you upgrade your characters by landing ring symbols. Once a characters meter is filled, their feature is activated at random.

  • Molly Messenger – fully charges top row of reels, causing one orb to fall
  • Billy the Gambler – changes lower value symbols to higher value symbols
  • Archie the Spy – adds a Wild symbol to each column
  • Amarillo the Magister – starts a cascade with only higher symbols

Free Games Feature

When you manage to get all 3 orbs down to the bottom of the screen you are awarded 5 free spins. Any orb which lands in this period become sticky and can also give you expanding multipliers.

Symbols & Themes

As themes and storyline go Shadow Order is really top notch.

Here are the main symbols and the key values:

  • Low Value Symbols –
    • Coins
    • Chess pieces
    • Code breakers
    • Books of Cyphers
  • Gold Rings – 2.5x, 25x or 120x stake (when you get 3, 4 or 5 combined)

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