Reel Rush

If you’re a fan of retro video games and vintage slots, then Reel Rush from online slot game giants NetEnt is worth checking out. Harking back to the days of the humble fruit machine, Reel Rush is all about shiny graphics, fresh gameplay and combos that force you to think as you play – turning this slot into a bit of a puzzler too! Standing out from the crowd right from the start, Reel Rush benefits from NetEnt’s penchant for creating slot games that go way beyond the typical ‘recycle’ format that can be seen in other slot games. From unique gameplay to graphics that feel more like a video game than an online slot, there are plenty of differences between Reel Rush and the competition.

How to Play Reel Rush

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the rules, it’s time to get stuck into the action. The first thing to decide on is the stake you’re going to wager with each spin. Reel Rush uses a coin system to place stakes, with coins worth between 1p and 20p each depending on how much the player wants to wager. In turn, between 50 and 500 coins can be staked on each spin, meaning you can bet a total of between 50p and £100 each time the reels spin up.

Remember, betting big may seem appealing if you’re feeling lucky, but the key thing with slot games is to gamble an amount that keeps the gameplay flowing for longer, but stands you a chance of winning.

How to Win at Reel Rush

The game starts with a diamond shape across the reels, with a 1-3-5-3-1 formation that sits amongst the locked spaces. At the start of a new game, 13 symbols are in play, but with more spins, you can unlock all 25. This takes the number of winning combinations from 45 to a huge 3,125 winning combinations. After you’ve chosen your wager, it’s time to start spinning! If you’re feeling lazy, don’t forget you can auto spin too – just set your wager and let the machine do its thing for the number of spins specified.

When you hit your first winning combo, two of the blocked out symbol spaces will suddenly unlock (if a space is locked, it has a transparent shape with an ‘R’ symbol). This increases the number of ways to win but also dishes out a little gold star in the top left corner. These stars add up and unlock free spins, which can potentially pay out more coins and unlock more reel spaces. The more you play, the higher the chances of winning, and the bigger the payouts – what’s not to like!

To get a winning combination, players need to link up to three or more identical symbols across three adjacent reels – so no gaps between each reel. The beauty here is that it’s possible to get multiple symbols on each reel and more spaces to put them as the game unlocks. This can set up not just a tidy win, but also a decent number of free spins to boost winnings even further.

Reel Rush Wild Symbols

The wild symbol is the best symbol in the game. It appears as a golden star, which handily has ‘wild’ written on it. The symbol can appear on reel 2-5 and substitutes for other symbols that could make up a winning combo. The wilds also increase the player’s chance of unlocking the six or eight free spin combos, which, with 5 reels fully unlocked, can make for some staggeringly high wins!

Reel Rush Summary

With so many ways to win and the unique unlocking feature, Reel Rush offers players something a little different compared to some of the same-old slots out there. Give it a go and you could potentially end up with some serious cash, but even if you don’t win big this time, you’ll enjoy fun gameplay that can be enjoyed again and again!

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