Goonies Jackpot King Overview

Goonies Jackpot King is an online slot game based on Steven Spielberg’s hit 80s film. This five-reel, twenty-payline slot game will help fans of the Goonies relive their favourite memories, while the game’s rich array of bonus features make for an exciting experience. From the lucrative bonus rounds to game’s various symbols, all of which relate to the iconic film, find out how to enhance your chances of winning the progressive jackpot when playing Goonies Jackpot King.

How to Play

Goonies Jackpot King online slots are playable on both desktop and mobile devices, but to join in on the action, you’ll need to make a BetVictor account — which only takes a few moments.

Once you’re ready,  place your bet — between £0.20 and £40.00 — and set the reels in motion.

Game Rules

One-Eyed Willy Bonus

During the game any of the following bonus rounds can be triggered randomly:

One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost — random extra scatters land on the reels triggering free spins.

Mouth’s Lucky Coins — All visible gold coins transform to matching symbols.

Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle — Any number of wilds land randomly on the reels.

Data’s Colossal Symbols — Upto three adjacent reels become ‘colossal’ reels.

Mikey’s Hidden Treasure — Awards the player with random wild reels.

Sloth’s Win Spin — Guarantees a huge win.


One-Eyed Willy Random Feature 

Landing three One-Eyed Willys brings the bonus wheel into play, which will land on one of the following three bonuses:

One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure — The player can win cash prizes up to 500x the stake.

Fratelli’s Hideout Bonus — Picking the keys awards cash or triggers another bonus game.

Skeleton Organ Bonus — Picking the organ keys awards cash, upgrade the feature or trigger another bonus game.


Free Spins 

The Free spins round, which acts in three different ways, as explained below, is triggered when the players lands three One-Eyed Willy symbols on the payreels.

Super Sloth Spins — Only the Fratelli family symbols can land on the reels, while a super sloth wild transforms any symbols into a higher value symbol.

Goonies Go Wild Spins — A high value symbol becomes wild, while the game can award free spins or other random features.

Inferno Spins — Between one to three wild reels are in play at the start of each spin.

Symbols and Themes

Designed by Blueprint Gaming, Goonies Jackpot King brings the thrills of the film to life and is stacked with symbols you’ll instantly recognise, including the Jolly Roger and treasure chest.

Special Symbols


Look out for the game’s many wild symbols, which include the medallion wild, truffle shuffle wild, mikey wild, colossal wild, super sloth wild, goonie wild and inferno wilds. The wilds substitute for all other symbols except the One Eyed Willy bonus symbol.

Skull and Crossbones

Stacking the skull and crossbones symbol pays out as follows:

  • Five symbols — x500
  • Four symbols — x100
  • Three symbols — x40
  • Two symbols — x2

Treasure Chest 

Stacking the treasure chest symbol pays out as follows:

  • Five symbols — x30
  • Four symbols — x80
  • Three symbols — x20

The Jolly Roger

Stacking the Jolly Roger symbol pays out as follows:

  • Five symbols — x30
  • Four symbols — x80
  • Three symbols — x20


Stacking the skeleton symbol pays out as follows:

  • Five symbols — x200
  • Four symbols — x60
  • Three symbols — x10

Set of Scales 

Stacking the set of scales symbol pays out as follows:

  • Five symbols — x200
  • Four symbols — x60
  • Three symbols — x10

Low Paying Symbols 

Like many other online slot games, Goonies Jackpot King features lower valued symbols:

A, Q, K and J.

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