Eye of Horus

If you’re fascinated by Ancient Egypt, or just enjoyed movies like Gods of Egypt or The Mummy, then Eye of Horus will be right up your street. Developed by Blueprint Gaming, Eye of Horus is a straightforward five-reel slot with excellent theming and plenty of replay value. There’s also the chance to walk away with some serious cash by unlocking free spins and features that up the returns considerably.

How to Play Eye of Horus

This fun and adventurous slot game will have budding archaeologists hitting that spin button again and again, with HD graphics and a fitting soundtrack helping to transport players back in time to the sands of the Sahara.

Before you begin, you’ll notice the rules and pay tables – check these out and familiarise yourself with the winning combos, as it’ll help you to spot potential big wins as the reels fall into place!

You’ll see straight away that Eye of Horus is laid out in a class slot formation – 5 reels, three rows and up to 10 paylines that can be adjusted depending on the amount wagered. You don’t need to have all ten paylines active at once, but it’s recommended to have more than one to increase your chances of a payout as you spin. Just select the number of paylines you want in play and you’re good to go onto the next step.

Now it’s time to choose your wager. Eye of Horus allows players to wager between 1p and £1 per line but bear in mind that if you’ve got all the paylines in action, your wager will be increased to a maximum of 10p or £10 per spin. A good strategy with the Eye of Horus slot game is to choose a wager that will make the amount of money you have available last longer – it’s no fun burning through your funds too quickly.

To save you from having to click through each game, you can set the Eye of Horus slot game to autoplay your spins. This means you can save your trigger finger and enjoy the gameplay unfold in front of you!

The aim of the game is to match at least three identical symbols to match across a payline. If you link up to three or more symbols across more than one line, then the only the biggest payout will count.

Eye of Horus Features

The Eye of Horus was an important symbol in Ancient Egypt, standing for protection, royal power, and good health. In the Eye of Horus slot game, the symbol means that your luck is in!

If the symbol appears, then your bet is multiplied by 500 and the deity himself pops up on the reels, becoming scattered wilds that increase your chances of winning on the next spin. If you manage to unlock this feature, then you can expect a big payout!

Golden Door Feature

The other symbol to look out for in the Eye of Horus slot game is the mysterious golden door. This symbol acts as a scatter symbol, and if you manage to get three together on an active payline, then you’ll be rewarded with 12 free spins. You’ll feel just like an adventurer raiding an Egyptian tomb!

Eye of Horus Gamble Feature

One of the biggest draws of the Eye of Horus virtual slot game is the option to gamble your winnings on two mini games. Once you’ve secured cash, you’ll get the option to play two games with Horus himself.

In the card game, you’re given the option of choosing red or black. Then, the card turns over to reveal the colour. If it matches, then your winnings multiply by the amount on screen! If you get the colour wrong however, you’ll lose any winnings earned.

In the ladder game, you need to climb the ladder on screen to increase your winnings. However, there are also lower-valued steps which reduce your winnings.

It isn’t mandatory to play these games, as the odds are 50/50, but the opportunity to improve your winnings is a thrilling risk that could turn a good day into a great one! Take this risk responsibly however, as it may make sense to stick with what you’ve got if you’ve already earned some good winnings from the game.

Eye of Horus Gamble Feature

Playing Eye of Horus can be approached in two ways – go gung ho and opt for the max bet, in the hope of tipping a huge win, or play conservatively and enjoy the game for longer. Remember, betting big may see you burn through your funds faster, whereas playing for pennies may make the fun last longer, but you’ll see less returned to you if you do manage to catch a big win. It’s all down to how much you want to spend, and how lucky you’re feeling!

Where can I play the Eye of Horus slot game?

Eye of Horus can be accessed on PC, Mac, Apple devices and Android devices. This means you can play both at home and on the go, perfect for spicing up the boring commute to work.

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