Deal or No Deal Live Overview

Deal or No Deal Live is a live online slot game which gives players many chances to win big. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this game, which works in a similar way to the ever-popular television show, allows for an unlimited number of players to take part at any one time. The game consists of two main parts — the qualification and top-up rounds to start off, before players who qualify enter the main Deal or No Deal Live game show and face those famous briefcases.

How to Play

To play Deal or No Deal Live online slots, you’ll need to create yourself a BetVictor account, which you can do in just three simple steps.

Once you’re ready to face the banker simply choose how much you want to bet each turn — between £0.10 and £10.00 — then get ready to set the qualification wheel spinning in motion.

Game Rules

Deal or No Deal Live consists of the qualification round and top-up rounds (with the latter not mandatory for any player), plus the famous briefcase round, which work in the following ways:

Qualification and Top-Up Rounds

If players want to qualify for the main game show, they must spin the bank vault wheel and align the gold segments within the allotted time. This could take one go or it could take more than twenty.

Before the wheel is spun the player must decide on the degree of difficulty for each wheel spin:

  • Normal (cost: x1 the bet amount)
  • Easy (cost: x3 the bet amount)
  • Very Easy (cost: x9 the bet amount)

The easier it is to win the qualification, the more expensive each turn becomes, while each spin during this round sets the amount in the highest valued briefcase by anything between x75 and x500 the bet amount.

Once players have unlocked the vault door the top-up wheel comes into place and players can choose to top up any of the briefcases by between x5 and x50 their bet amount.

Watch out because the qualification round lasts for just two minutes, although another one starts immediately afterwards for players who didn’t qualify during the round just ended.

Deal or No Deal Game Show

The main event is the Deal or Deal Game Show, where players face 16 sealed briefcases, each containing a different amount of cash. Randomly distributed across the screen, each briefcase has a number between one and sixteen written on the side.

Just like in the real-life game show, in this round a predetermined number of briefcases are opened and their numbers revealed. This is done in four separate rounds:

  • First round: 3 briefcases opened
  • Second round: 4 briefcases opened
  • Third round: 4 briefcases opened
  • Fourth round: 3 briefcases opened

Next, the banker offers players a cash amount in exchange for what might be contained in the contestant’s briefcase.

The banker then asks “Deal or No Deal?” with the player given just ten seconds to decide.

After four rounds there are only two suitcases left, the players and one other, which just like on TV, can be swapped with each other — what will your strategy be?

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