Crazy Time

Online gaming has just gotten a whole lot better, thanks to the epic and exciting game that is Crazy Time! Here, players can experience the fun of being in a casino all from the comfort of their home. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this fun-fueled game is packed full of multipliers and bonus games, meaning the fun doesn’t stop!

How to Play

Crazy Time is an interactive, online casino game that takes place in a live studio. The game features a main Money Wheel, a Top Slot above the wheel, and four bonus rounds – one of which is the game’s namesake. The Money Wheel is made up of 54 segments, each of which contains either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus game.

To play, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start by placing your bets. In order to take part in the bonus games, you need to place a bet on a bonus game spot.
  2. The Top Slot then starts once the main Money Wheel begins to spin. A multiplier will then be selected at random – either for a bonus game or a number.
  3. If a multiplier and bet spot appear in the Top Slot, you’ll have a match, and the random multiplier will be added to the bet spot.
  4. If the wheel stops on a number, you’ll win in accordance of what’s shown on the payout table. If the number includes a random multiplier, your bet will be multiplied by its value.
  5. If the wheel stops on a bonus round, a new bonus game will start. If the bonus game includes a random multiplier, the multipliers in the game will be applied at the start.

Bonus Games

One of the most exciting features of Crazy Time is that it includes four separate bonus rounds, with plenty of cash prizes to be won. These rounds occur when the main wheel stops on a bonus segment:


The first bonus round is Pachinko, which features a large wall with ‘drop zones’ at the top and ‘landing zones’ at the bottom. The aim is to drop an electronic puck into the drop zone and depending on where it lands, it will determine which prize you will win. In this round, you can collect unlimited doubles and multipliers, with the maximum 10,000x multiplier up for grabs.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is the second bonus round and features up to 108 different multipliers. This shooting gallery style game lets players interactively choose their own target once the presenter pulls the golden leaver, scrambling the prizes. You’ll then see a sniper scope which you can use to shoot one of the items and reveal a prize – with payouts up to 25,000x your bet.

Coin Flip

In the Coin Flip bonus game, a coin with a red face and a blue face is flipped, with each side containing different multipliers at the start of the round. The coin will automatically begin to flip and whichever side lands on top will result in you winning the multiplier that is shown. Players can win up to 5,000x their bet with the maximum multiplier.

Crazy Time

Last, and by no means least, is the game’s namesake: Crazy Time. Featuring a fun and wacky background, you’ll find a giant wheel which is made up of 64 segments packed full of multipliers. The wheel is made up of three different coloured flappers – yellow, green, and blue – and you choose which flapper to use at the beginning of the round.

With each round, multipliers will be placed randomly on the wheel, giving players the chance to double or triple their stake. Once the wheel comes to a stop, you will win the multiplier that stops on your chosen flapper. If you land on DOUBLE or TRIPLE, the wheel can be re-spun until multipliers have reached the maximum 20,000x your bet!

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